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Philadelphia hotel deals are attractive as they provide lavish environments, luxurious amenities and are easy on your wallets.

Being the capital and the largest city of Pennsylvania, it is the 6th most populated city of the county. One interesting fact about Pennsylvania is that it served as a temporary capital of the United States whilst Washington D.C was being built. Due to its strategic location, it has played key roles in the American Revolution. The city in its early years was occupied by European settlers, which included British, Dutch and Swedish nationals during the 16th century. Popularly known as the Great Philly, the economy is based on manufacturing and its service sector. The architectural design of the city is a combination of Georgian and Greek architecture and are used to preset day to preserve the culture heritage. Part of what make Philadelphia hotel deals attractive is its architectural splendor. Some name that fall into this category includes the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia, the Hampton Inn Philadelphia and the Alexander Inn.


Outdoor lovers are in for a treat as Philadelphia’s largest park the Fairmount Park spans over 9000 acres and families and couples can enjoy activities from hiking; to cycling along scenic routes from enjoy a peaceful picnic lunch by the lake. The city has a number of historical sites that are a must see for all tourists. The independence hall is located here where the Declaration of Independence was signed.  One of the most famous attractions of all is the Liberty Bell, which attracts thousands of tourists worldwide. Most hotel deals in Philadelphia offer tours around the city at friendly rates so their privileged guests can make sure not to miss out on anything here.

Art lovers are sure to be left dazzled and mesmerized in the Great Philly. The city has more public art then any other city in the entire country. The root of this achievement is due to the emergence of several public and private art clubs that encourage new coming artists, and preserve the masterpieces created by great artists.  One attractive venue is the Rodin Museum, which houses the largest collect of artwork by Famous French artist Auguste Rodin. One of the largest museums so the country, the Philadelphia Museum of art contains many works of contemporary and modern art work. One of the oldest and most widely recognized art clubs here is the Philadelphia Sketch Club, which hosts events at art galleries every week. As you can see, the choice for art lovers are endless to you have to make sure to choose a suitable Philadelphia hotel deal package close to the vicinity of these venues.

Philadelphia is a good place to visit especially for couple who want to find a way to soak up the southern culture of the United States. It also provides a good learning experience about American history and how this Great Nation came into being. Philadelphia hotel deals that provide a combination of world-class service and key locations are the one to look out for.

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