Long Lasting Peace and Serenity with a Water Fountain

Water fountains help bring serenity and calm to your outdoor living environment. Today, water fountains also serve as a decorative focal point for any outdoor living area. Why buy a water fountain? Aside from having a calm and soothing effect due to the natural sound of water flowing, water fountains are also pretty to watch. It adds another unique element to your outdoor living space and has a classic look that complements and outdoor setting. Here are a few different types of water fountains available.

Garden Fountains

There are many different designs of garden fountains available that create the look and feel of an outdoor oasis right in your backyard. A cascading fountain has water trickle down slowly, having a comforting sound to lull you into a daydream. A column fountain has vertical columns that has an Old World look. A classic two-tier fountain resembles fountains in European town centers or town squares. If you’re looking to be different, animal fountains add another dimension to the outdoor landscape. Choose from a raccoon or dolphin design fountain.

Pond & Stone Fountains

A water feature beyond measure, Spray Fountains throw water into the air creating a soothing sight and sound show. It adds vitality to an ordinary landscape. Simple to set up and install, fountain sprays will add interest and vital oxygen to your pond. Visually impressive as it is relaxing, it will add years of enjoyment and serenity to any pond and garden landscape. Made of natural slate stone, stone fountains give your yard a timeless look. If you want to make it the central focus of your backyard or patio, simply add a bed of flowers in different colors for a tranquil setting.


Solar Fountains

If you want to go green, a solar fountain may be your choice. Solar Fountains offer all the beauty and elegance of any other type of fountain, yet it costs less to maintain. This is because it is powered by energy from the sun, which is completely free. An additional benefit of these fountains is they often lack distracting wires, making them an even more harmonious addition to any patio or garden.  Solar fountains are available in a variety of styles.  No matter the style of fountain chosen, they all offer an active yet calming atmosphere to any outdoor location and are a great alternative when creating an energy efficient environment.

Table Top Fountains

Are you looking for ways to relax after a long day of work? Or do you just like the sounds of water trickling? Table top fountains add ambiance to any indoor setting and are low maintenance. These small table top fountains are ideal for an office desk, credenza in the house, or on a nightstand, next to your bed. Listen to the relaxing sounds of water as it puts you to sleep and give you sweet dreams. They also make a great addition to a den or reading room to create a peaceful Zen-like environment.

Wall Fountains

Become entranced with your very own cascading wall water fountain. Listen to the serene sounds of the trickling water fountain as it emits minimal splash. They are a grand addition to any home, garden, or patio. They look great in an entry to the house or hallway, and can also be placed in a sunroom. If you truly enjoy how it sounds, you can also add it to your bedroom. Outdoors, the wall fountain can serve as yet another focal point to your garden.

Water fountains add a little touch of elegance to your home, either indoors and out. It creates peaceful and serene surroundings in an otherwise hurried and chaotic environment. It is soothing and calming, and can be your form of meditation after a stressful day. For ways to relax, Garden Winds has the solutions to create a relaxing, calming and comforting setting for your home, with products to help you de-stress your super busy life.

Charmaine Ferrer, Associate Writer for Garden Winds. For comments or questions, please call her toll free at 877.479.4637.

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